The best design taps into our deepest instincts. It delights and satisfies without even being noticed.

digital design veteran

product concepts

user experiences

spaces, places, location, 3D, AR/VR, context, building, tools

I have been designing software for end users for over 20 years, always an empathetic user advocate and always with an eye for simplicity and elegance. Deep thinking, fresh and original, I am pragmatic when I need to be and future dreaming whenever I can.

Always learning and always growing, I quickly adapt to new technologies and methods.  I thrive where disciplines collide, where the specialized trajectory of my career has a chance to inform an emerging technology or trend.




team mate


deep understanding

intuitive leaps

outside the box


quick and handy with tools

structured and thorough

clarity and quality

collaborative, interdisciplinary

supportive, responsive


"a remarkably flexible designer...  Joseph could tackle large, complicated projects or turn on a dime to get something done quickly"

"fantastic at taking a concept, working with the group to solidify it into a viable requirement and turning that into a detailed UI/UX spec"

 "His professional can-do approach to any task made him an asset to any team he worked on."

"He has a positive attitude, is a strong team player, and is a pleasure to work with."

"What I most enjoyed about working with Joseph was his aptitude for thinking broadly, conceptually, and differently... he has a great ability to not only see the broad strategic landscape, but also what will specifically benefit the end user when using a particular application, telescoping in to translate user and business needs into actionable concepts."

"Customers loved Joseph's work."

- quoted from my LinkedIn profile


Copyright 2016 Joseph M. Knight

The best design taps into our deepest instincts. It delights and satisfies without ever being noticed.